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New Cars and “The Black Box”

Starting on 6th July 2022, all NEW passenger cars in Spain will have to include a mandatory black box – an “event data recorder” or EDR that, similar to the black boxes on planes, that record the most relevant information in the event of an accident.

The device will be mandatory in all new cars and, according to the insurance comparator, it could directly affect the price of car premiums if insurers finally have access to this data.

How will the black box work?

Specifically, the black box will save the data generated from the 30 seconds before and the five after the incident. This information may be analysed later. It is said that The information collected will be anonymous and personal data such as the driver’s name, age or gender will not be recorded.

Among the information that will be recorded are the speed of the vehicle, braking, engine revs, the force of the frontal and lateral impact, steering movements and the position of the accelerator… It will also record the operation of security systems such as airbags, seat belts and driving assistants, and will take into account time and chronological parameters, such as the time and date of the accident.

For more information regarding how this could possibly affect insurance policies etc , please go to the original article HERE

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