More News for the Self Employed

Information supplied by CAB Spain

It appears that the long awaited reform of the Autonomo system, relating contributions to income, is not to take place for 2019, but hopefully 2020.

The government and the major associations for Autonomos have reached an agreement on November 14th 2018, on the cuota for Autonomos for 2019.  Published in a ´pre-agreement´ that still has to be ratified by all involved, and then made into law.

  • All Autonomos will pay more, even those on the Tarifa Plana. Tarifa Plana to go up to 55 or 60 euros. Regular Autonomo contributions by 12 to 14 euros/month. This increase is caused by on the one side, an increased ´base reguladora minima´ and the fact that all Autonomos will now pay for the, previously voluntary, ´professional contingencies´, ´professional formation´ and ´unemployment benefits´.
  • For those Autonomos with income under minimum wage, special provisions will be made, unspecified so far.
  • In return, all Autonomos will be entitled to unemployment benefits and for 24 months instead of previously only 12 and access will be made easier, as presently, of all applicants, only 30% was granted access.
  • If you fall ill, you don´t have to pay the contribution as of 2nd month of ´baja´.
  • If you suffer an accident at work, sick pay will start as of the day following the accident.


Several Autonomous Regions have amplified the Tarifa Plana, first stage of 50 euros/month, increased to 12 month by the national government earlier this year.

First to do so was Murcia, announcing a Tarifa Cero for new Autonomos under 30. They don´t have to pay anything during the first 12 months, and after that, can sign up for the regular Tarifa Plana.

Followed by Madrid, amplifying the first stage of the Tarifa Plana to 24 months instead of 12.

And now the Canaries government has announced the same and there it´s available to those already registered, not just to those registering after the regional law has come into force.

Andalucia has just approved a law with additional subsidies for those already registered, but there are requisites you need to meet, like present a viable business plan, maintain your Autonomo registration for at least 12 months after you´ve been granted the subsidy, etc. So please make sure you get complete info from your gestor before you apply. There has been much talk of the measures including the amplification of the Tarifa Plana 50 euros/month to 24 months, but in the actual regulation, there is no mention of that. Subsidies available for 2018 and 2019 with limited budgets, so best to make enquiries with your gestor or local ´centro para emprendedores´ soon.

And there´s the nationwide Tarifa Plana Rural for those living in villages with up to 5.000 inhabitants.