Minimum Vital Income can be applied for from 15th June

New Royal Decree Law approved yesterday.

The measure aims to eradicate poverty and promote participation in the labour market and social inclusion of people in vulnerable situations.

The government estimates that it will benefit 850,000 households and 2.3 million people, of which one million are in extreme poverty (with income between just 3,000 and 4,300 euros per year).

Citizens will receive it as long as they meet the requirements to access it, as is the case, for example, with a retirement pension or unemployment benefit.

The guaranteed income threshold will be 462 euros per month for an adult person living alone. When it is a co-habitation situation, it will increase by 139 euros per month for each person, up to a maximum of 1,015 euros per month. In addition, single-parent families will receive a supplement of 100 euros per month.

The benefit is calculated as the difference between the monthly income of the person or living unit and the guaranteed income in each case.

Pablo Iglesias has underlined that the applicants of the Minimum Vital Income, if they meet the requirements, will be able to make it compatible with their labour income as long as they do not exceed the established threshold. “It is not directed only to unemployed people, but also to people or households with very low incomes or with very precarious temporary jobs,” who would see their coverage extended.”

The vice president has indicated that anyone who is between 23 and 65 years old, or from 18 if the applicant has dependent minors, who have at least one year of legal residence in Spain, may apply for the benefit. Access to aid will depend on the income level and wealth of the person applying.

In addition to income, the applicant’s net worth will be verified, subtracting his debts, and without taking into account the habitual residence. The equity limit increases depending on the number of people in co-habitation. It is 16,614 euros for a person living alone and will be increased for each additional member up to a maximum of 44,196 euros.

It can be requested from June 15 and all requests that are made from that day until September 15 will be applied retroactively as of June 1.

Access to the electronic headquarters of Social Security to make the request for the minimum vital income is “friendly” and will have a simulator, to easily check if you are entitled to the benefit, a virtual assistant and a free 900 telephone line for information and help.

However, thanks to the data crossing between the Tax Agency, the Social Security and the autonomous communities, it will already be possible to identify ex officio numerous beneficiary households who, he assured, “will already be able to receive the monthly income.”

We will provide further information closer to the date that the applications can be made, when it has been published in the State Gazette.