Sunday, December 3, 2023

Mercadona to introduce refillable glass containers- reducing plastics and lowering prices.

Mercadona has taken another step in eliminating plastic in its stores. 

The Valencian supermarket company, committed to the principles of Circular Economy, has already carried out several actions aimed at eliminating, or at least reducing, the presence of plastic in the products it distributes and, on this occasion, it was the turn of the perfumery section.

Specifically, Mercadona encourages reusing the original packaging by opting for refills for each product instead of buying a new one.

In the case of hand soap , the measure will make it possible to eliminate more than 90 tons of plastic per year, while in the new face creams, mainly packaged in glass and which from now on will also have replacements, it will save more than 277 tons of glass per year.

But, in addition to the benefit for the environment, the measure also means savings for the consumer , since the product is cheaper by up to 50%. This is the case of facial cream refills , which have half the cost, while hand soap represents a saving of 23%, which is also multiplied, since the refill contains twice the amount of the container.

A clear goal for three years from now

To carry out this commitment, Mercadona has had the collaboration of some of its suppliers: Totaler RNB, Rofersam and Iberfrasa.

The objective, framed within Strategy 6.25 that the supermarket company has been carrying out since 2019, is to achieve a 25% reduction in plastic in Mercadona’s packaging by 2025, for all of them to be recyclable, and to manage all plastic waste.


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