MBE For Candida Wright

Fantastic News

Having just seen the news break that our own Candy Wright has been included on the Queen’s New Years Honours List, I am so very happy for her and in all honesty I can think of no-one at all more deserving, not even those big toffs….Twiggy, Micheal Palin and Gareth Southgate 😉

Having known Candy for a couple of years now, I have always been absolutely astounded by the amount of work she does in the community, so much so that often I have wondered if she has been cloned!!

For those who know Candy, they will know what I mean but for those who do not, then I must explain that this lady is  (among many other things) the president of **HELP of DENIA AND MARINA ALTA. She is not a “sit in the background” kind of President…. she is a fully hands on, get up and go leader who is constantly on call 24/7 to assist people in need.

**HELP  provide short term support and assistance to ALL people in our area when there are medical or other health related needs.

Candy is also president of Careline Theatre in Alcalali, which runs hand in hand with HELP with productions raising money for many charity coffers.

Throughout the year, Candy is either, producing, acting, singing, directing or teaching  (sometimes all at once!) an abundance of theatre productions, including Pantomime ( Robinson Crusoe starts on 17th January by the way 🙂 ).

I have always been amazed that she manages to fit in time for her own  workload as an interpreter for the ex-pat community, plus she has a wonderful family to keep in line too! 

Now, I expect that you are exhausted just reading all that,  but her energy is limitless and having had the pleasure of working with her on a recent show  (yes, she even joins other am-dram teams!)  I am beginning to think she has a Harry Potter Time Turner or maybe a Tardis,  as she does appear to be able to be in at least 2 places at once! 

But seriously, I am so very happy for Candy. Her talents and skills are endless, her compassion, patience and selflessness are second to none and she has more energy than a few thousand Duracell Bunnies!

Oh…. did I mention the squillions of euros she has raised over the years for so many different charities over the years? ….. Well I have now 🙂 

(She also is an amazing Elf!!! )

Congratulations to the Super-Woman of the Marina Alta! 

Loraine x