Lightning & Tornado Strikes! Lifeguard Saves Man Near Denia and TV Man Saves The Day in Javea!

Today, at around 12 noon, the Emergency Services in Denia were alerted as two people had suffered from a lightning strike on Bellreguard Beach in La Safor. 

The lifeguard services on the beach immediately attended  and performed basic cardiopulmonary resuscitation manoeuvres to a 20-year-old who was in cardiac arrest. 

Despite this, a unit of the Urgent Medical Help Service (SAMU) had to be called, and when the ambulance reached the injured young man he had fortunately been resuscitated. The medical team then performed and electrocardiogram and maintained his vital signs. They were later transferred to the Francesc de Borja Hospital in Gandia. ( original story via


Reported on the group by Scott Gordon

“OMG !!! A lightening Strike just struck an electricity pylon right in front of my town house in the Old Town on Avda Ángel Domenech and me & my physiotherapist saw the whole thing. What an experience that was. I was lying on a treatment table getting physio looking out of my patio with the doors open when it struck the pylon, the whole house shook, electric went off and the very hairs on our arms stood up, so scary !!! Anyone else in this area feel it?”

This is the electricity pylon it struck. I just saw the owner coming out of the house right next to it, probably had to change their underwear 


Scott stated afterwards that the only casualty was his TV system but thanks to local TV Guru, Karl Haycock, normal service was soon resumed  😀 

The orange alert for strong rains on the whole Valencian and Alicante coast had been  activated, particularly in regions such as La Safor, where it is expected that it will hit hard this weekend with heavy storms and with possible dounpours of 40 liters per square metre.

The situation is similar in the surrounding coastal regions which will be kept alert priority throughout the weekend. There are numerous lightning bolts that have hit Valencian territory today, as rain has begun in various areas but luckily, most have been out at sea, as the following photos taken from Javea and Guadamar show.

Video: Mao Van Guzman… Click to play 


Otro video del espectacular tornado y sus efectos en Guardamar del Segura (#Alicante), esta mañana. Video de @Payasosuspendid. #tiempoCV

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