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Jesus Pobre Market – How it all began…

Artisans, farmers, creators … Everything under one roof of traditional Valencian architecture

In the 19th century, the Valencian Community was a great exporter of raisins. This was during the years of economic prosperity in which “dried grapes” were considered wonderous things wherever they travelled, both in Europe and especially in the UK. It was, in fact, the British who came to the Marina Alta, who recognised the full potential of the product. 

At this same time, one of the most traditional Valencian architectures emerged – unique in the world and above all, functional. With the growing mass production of raisins, the Riuraus were born – a construction that gave shelter to the grapes during inclement weather, while they transformed into raisins. 

Today more than 200 are still standing and can be visited thanks to the Riuraus Route, attending the “show of l ‘escaldà” , the method by which the grape drying process was accelerated.

Beyond the historical and traditional interest that the riuraus have, many have gone a step further and have become spaces for meetings, culture, gastronomy and crafts -one of which is our Farmers Market in Jesus Pobre

On Sundays we locals flock there in both summer and winter. ( Hours vary per season- Winter mornings from 9am and Summer evenings starting at 6pm). Live music also features there from time to time (more in summer).

On the first Sunday every month the market is dedicated solely to antiques and collectors.

But how and why did this start? The Mercat del Riurau opened its doors for the first time in July 2013. At the time, the problems of the rural world and awareness of the environment were already a topic of discussion. . We were immersed in an economic crisis, derived from the real estate crash, from which people needed help to recover. The Sunday market was born from the success of some talks, ” Global crisis, local solutions “, organised by the Association of Neighbors of Jesús Pobre

How to find solutions to these problems? Giving an economic boost to the area, through history and connection with the land. And what better place to do it in this historical space. After renovating the town’s riurau, the Mercat del Riurau Sociocultural Association emerged, with a single objective – to become a meeting point between farmers, bakers, creators and artists, to put the region back where it deserved to be and look towards the value of the field and the artisan. 

The Mercat del Riurau is pure tradition with its own names. It is the perfect place to buy fruit and vegetables directly from the producer, without the middle-man and at a fair price.

Every Sunday, the Blat de la Marina and Farinera la Marina appear in Raconet del Pa , where Raquel and Luis de Obrador Beekery , Rubén Buj from  Ommm Bread or Menjars Pili and María , put on a display of snacks that are impossible to resist. All kinds of breads, cocas with a multitude of flavours and sweets from the Blat de la Marina. There is also no shortage of stalls selling sausages, figatells , pâtés, cheeses, sauces, juices and a host of delicacies to take away.

Artisans of all kinds join the day – ceramics from the Magari Things workshop, with Angelica and Jean at the helm, create unique pieces, plus original natural incenses and flavoured sachets from Icaranda Creaciones . And that’s just to name a few, because the market invites anyone who works with the same philosophy, to join a project more alive now than ever! 


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