Jesus Nazareno – Javea Fiesta Programme

From 25th April until May 3rd

Javea prepares for the festivities dedicated to Jesús Nazareno, the official patron saint of the town who has long been considered the protector of the village and to whom the population is devoted.

Music, Fireworks, Flowers and Mascletas

Javea Connect have taken the decision not to promote events involving bull fighting/running and therefore, the programme below does not include details of livestock events. 

Friday, April 26

At 22:30 pm . XÀBIA FOLK (KORRNTZI, Basque traditional music accompanied by the current technique).

Saturday, April 27

At 09:00 hours . Cáritas and the Spanish Red Cross will install tables in several supermarkets in Xàbia for the collection of food.

At 17:30 pm . Entrà and Solta de Carretons for children in the Placeta del Convent and Ronda de Colón.

At 19:00 pm . XÀBIA FOLK (RASCANYA, a show to listen to, enjoy the magic of dancing and feel the warmth of arrangements made with the heart).

At 22:30 pm . XÀBIA FOLK (ALJIBE) After more than 30 years offering one of the most elaborate proposals in the Spanish folk scene, they present their new album “Agua, traditional music from the Tajo basin”.

Sunday, April 28

At 10:30 am . Lliga comarcal raspall XÀBIA B against XALÓ.

At 11:30 hours . Autonòmic raspall XÀBIA against ONTINYENT.

At 12:00 hours . XÀBIA FOLK (WOMEN WITH ROOTS) Present their album ‘The Ages of Life’, a well-deserved tribute to the traditional female voice,

At 22:30 pm . Performance of Paquita Ros and then SAINETE: “Conèixes a ta Muller?”, Original work of Leopoldo G. Blat and Fernando Muñoz, adapted and represented by the “Grup de Teatre Tot Rist” of the Comissió de Festes Mare de Deu de Loreto , in the Plaça de la Constitució.

Tuesday, April 30

At 20:00 pm . TEN HOURS WITH DREAM. A funny comedy about a couple’s, love and disenchantment. A black comedy that allows us to reflect on apparent unhappiness. From the ARTESCENA THEATER GROUP OF JUBICAM. Stage direction Manuel Sánchez Monllor. Assistant Reme Fernández. On the Plaça de la Constitució.

At 19:00 pm . Triduum to Jesus Nazareno in suffrage by Manuel Cardona Bas and José Serrat Pachés, Sung by the Parochial Choir.

At 22:00 hours . Concert by the Orchestra and Music Band of the Artistic Centre of Xàbia in the Parochial Church of San Bartolomé, for the benefit of the Red Cross Xàbia y Cáritas (separate program). Advance tickets sale in: La Rulla , Red Cross and Tourist Offices.

Wednesday, May 1: ‘Day dedicated to all children’

At 08:30 hours. Despertà with dolçaina i tabalet to which all the neighboring children of Xàbia are invited and will tour the streets of the village. Next on the Plaça de la Constitució, snacks will be offered by MAS and MAS , followed by the opening of an attractive children’s park and Tiraset carriages for all the children, installed in the Plaça de la Constitució.

At 09:30 hours. Despertà in Customs with the Colla del Grup de Danses Portitxol.

At 13:30 pm . Giant Paella in the Montaner Park.

At 19.00 hours . Triduum to Jesus Nazareno in suffrage of Juan Bautista Alentado Bas and Dolores Bolufer Buigues, sung by the Parochial Choir.

At 8:00 p.m. Pasacalle with “dolçaina i tabalet” and La Tuna de Xàbia, a visit from the Brotherhood and Authorities. The crossings of the streets and shop windows.

Thursday, May 2

At 11:00 hours . Visit the elders of the Day Centre, who will all be presented with small gifts.

At 11:30 . Visit to the elders of the Residencia-Asilo Hermanos Cholbi Foundation, tobe also given their gifts.

At 12:00 hours . General bell tolling.

At 19:00 pm . Triduum to Jesus Nazareno in suffrage of the Rev. Juan Esteve Domingo, of the Rev. Mr. José Soler Mulet, of the Rev. D. Juan Cell Visitation, of the Rev. D. Joaquín Sendra Benavent.

At 20:15 . OFFERING OF FLOWERS TO JESUS ​​NAZARENO. This is an invitatiosn to all children, all the Festivity Commissions, Peñas, Comparsas and Associations, etc. In fact to the whole neighborhood in general (exit from the Marina Alta square).

At 22:00 hours . Crazy Ocas Free adaptation of Javier Quintanilla, theatre group Telón-Eros. Direction Eva Díaz. On the Plaça de la Constitució.


At 07:30 hours . General bell tolling.

At 08:00 hours . “Despertà” by the band of the Artistic Musical Centre of Xàbia.

At 12:00 hours . Solemn Eucharist concelebrated, sung by the “Parochial Customs Choir”. When finalizing the diplomas to the Mayorales of the present year will be granted. Next, MASCLETÀ on the Plaça de la Constitució.

At 7:00 p.m. Celebration Evening Mass especially for the sick and handicapped and then solemn procession with the image of JESUS ​​NAZARENO, up to its hermitage, accompanied by the Band of the Artistic Musical Centre of Xàbia, ending with the igniting of the Firework Castle on the Plaça de la Constitució .

Saturday, May 4

At 19:30 pm . Mass in suffrage of the deceased Cofrades, to which we invite all the faithful in the Parish of San Bartolomé.

At 20:00 pm . Final Dijous Comèdia. With the performance of Óscar Tramoyeres.

At 23.30 . Discomóvil with the “FIESTA DESPIPORRE” with live DJ’S performance, on the Plaça de la Constitució until 3:30 in the morning.

Saturday, May 11

At 20:00 pm . Mass in the hermitage of Calvary in thanksgiving. Farewell to the Mayorales of 2019 and the presentation of medals to the Mayorales for the year 2020.