Javea’s Mayor Warns People Not to Ignore The Red Flag!

Today Jose Chulvi warns of the danger of swimming when the red flag flies. Fines have been and will be imposed!!!

From the Mayor’s Facebook Page………..

“Five rescues and a bather fined for disobeying the life guards on the first day of a red flag in Xàbia

The rough state of the sea on Tuesday caused the red flag to be raised on the Arenal beach for the first time in this summer. Despite the sign prohibiting public bathing and public address announcements, the Red Cross life guards were fully stretched, warning people who ignored the ban. On a busy day of rescues during which it was necessary to make a report to the Local Police who fined a bather.
According to the report provided by the beach coordinator, five people had to be rescued from the water when they were in difficulties caused by the currents: two young men of 20 years, a man of 45, a woman of 60 and a minor of 14.years. It should be recalled that although the Arenal beach appears at first sight to have small waves it is subject to strong underwater currents that, once a swimmer is in the water, can have difficulties in returning to the shore.
Disobedience to the life guards warning calls was highlighted in the case of a Dutch tourist, who repeatedly went swimming despite being told about his irresponsible behaviour. Consequently, the Local Police’s beach patrol imposed a fine of 750 euros on the tourist, based on Article 139 of the ordinance of citizen coexistence.
This regulation states that failure to respect the instructions of the lifeguards means putting their own lives at risk as well as those of rescue and police personnel, which is considered a serious offence in that they intentionally hamper the function of the public rescue service.
Last year this ordinance was applied several times.”