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The price of fuel skyrockets again! Where are the cheapest gas stations in the Marina Alta?

On April 1st, the measure taken by the Government to apply a discount of 20 cents per litre on fuel came into force. The aid was approved as a National Plan to respond to the economic and social impact of the war in Ukraine.

That generated controversy and many doubts the first days. But, for now, the discount is still valid until June 30th . However, barely a week ago, and now awaiting approval, the Prime Minister announced an extension of the measure that would last until September.

Despite this, every driver now faces skyrocketing gas prices, which are breaking records for the fifth week in a row. If before the biggest problem was diesel, now it is petrol, where prices far exceeds 2 euros.

In the region there is only one service station that offers a litre of gasoline for less than two euros. Despite this, the four cheapest stations in both types of common fuel, gasoline and diesel, are listed below.

In April the cheapest gas station in the Marina Alta marked 1,734 euros per litre of gasoline. At present, it sells the fuel that is 0.23 cents more expensive. Something that completely counteracts the government measure.

The cheapest regional gas stations


In the first place, one Javea station is the cheapest in the region.. La Plenoil offers it at 1,967 euros per litre, the only one below two euros.


Pego’s Low Cost 24H is in second place with 2,028 euros per litre of gasoline purchased.


In the regional capital, the Teckmar service station has gasoline at 2,098 euros per litre.


In fourth place is the Low Cost 24H gas station in Ondara, which offers a litre of gasoline at 2,138 euros .

Keep track day to day via the Government Fuel Prices website….