How To Cancel a Rental Agreement.

As advised by the Citizens Advice Bureau Spain

This is assuming you have a rental agreement that started after June 2013, when the new Ley de Arrendamientos Urbanos came into force.

  1. If you have already passed the first 6 months of your rental agreement, there is no legal obligation to stay.
  2. You are free to terminate the contract, and would be advised to do so by certified letter or even burofax, giving at least one month’s notice.
  3. You could also use email, if so agreed and meeting the legal requisites as outlined in THIS TOPIC.
  4. Whether or not you would have to pay the landlord any indemnisation for early termination of the contract, depends on whether your rental agreement contains a clause to this end.
  5. The landlord should return your deposit ultimately 30 days after the rental contract has ended, so he can deduct any final utility bills. Any other costs, repairs for damages etc. have to be documented to be able to be deducted from the deposit. And of course, communicated to the tenant upon the final inspection of the property.

Further info on rental deposits and where they should be held etc. HERE

If you are in doubt whether the landlord would fulfil his obligations to return you the deposit (assuming you paid at least one month´s rent as deposit), we would advise to obtain his permission to forego the last month´s rent and for him to use the deposit to that end instead.