Hopes that tourism can return the region in May

Ximo Puig now highlights the importance of a vaccination passport to guarantee mobility within the EU, as expressed in his statement this morning.

Let’s hope so,” answered the head of the Consell when asked about the possible arrival of British tourism in May. Puig stressed that “the vaccination certificate is very important” in order to “open mobility in Europe.”

In this sense, the president has assured that “if we advance with mass vaccinations from April, we will be able to arrive in summer with better conditions” Puig has emphasised that “until now we were in a defensive position but now we are in an attack position . We are winning this game because every time a person is vaccinated, one less person has the possibility of being infected/

He has also spoken in favour of extending the perimeter closure of the Valencian Community even until Holy Week and Easter and is in favour of an agreement so that all the Spanish autonomies remain closed.

The head of the Consell has also promised to study the request of the hospitality industry to allow them to open the interior of premises to the public , although that is something that they will decide with the reports provided by Public Health. However, in his words, he does not seem to favour the requests of the industry for now. “It is clear that more infections occur in closed spaces and ventilation is essential.