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On Holiday with a EHIC/GHIC card?

Information from the British Embassy and Citizens Advice Bureau

Do you have friends or family (who live in the UK) planning on travelling to Spain?

They can continue to use their current UK European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) or the new Global Health Insurance Card (GHIC). Either card will enable them to access necessary healthcare when visiting an EU country. For more information about how to apply for a GHIC, visit

For those travelling with a health condition, it’s important that they travel with enough medication to last the duration of their trip. If visitors run out of medication whilst in Spain they can use their EHIC or GHIC to visit a local clinic or hospital and request a locally issued prescription. Find out more about travelling with a health condition at…/uk-residents-visiting-the-eueea…

Remember that your EHIC or GHIC is not a substitute for travel insurance, and you should always travel with both. That’s because EHIC and GHIC may not cover you for the entire treatment cost, and there are some things that the EHIC or GHIC won’t cover you for, like mountain rescue or medical repatriation.

Read more about healthcare when visiting Europe at…/uk-residents-visiting-the-eueea…

The EHIC only covers costs in National Health hospitals or health centres. The latter are either ‘Centros de Salud’ or colloquially known as ‘Ambulatorio’. Private hospitals will treat you but you will have to pay. Make sure a taxi driver or even an ambulance, are advised to take you to the nearest NHS hospital/centre.

The EHIC does not cover prescriptions. Any treatment that a local pays for in Spain, will also need to be paid for and not covered by the EHIC. It is also advisable to consider health insurance. Search this site for what the EHIC covers.

Children under 18, pregnant women and serious emergency cases: Patients cannot be charged whatever their nationality or residency status.


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