No Spanish Car?……You Won’t Get Far!


I do read the posts on the local Connect groups and I am very aware of what lots of people think about lots of different subjects, mostly it is fun stuff, many posts are full of useful information.  The thing that drives me crazy is the amount of bad information, help and advice that is given out regarding cars and driving in Spain.  Please note!!!  I have  not singled out any nationality at all here, the following information covers all of you if you are driving a NON SPANISH CAR in Spain. It also covers you if you are driving a fully legal Spanish car unless you can honestly say that you use different roads to the non-legal drivers and if you do please share the information, if the non -legal cars hit your 100% legal car you are still stuffed

The Guardia Civil declared war at the start of this year…their target is all NON SPANISH vehicles in Spain, not the Costa Blanca, not Murcia or Madrid…all of Spain.  The reason for the clamp down is very simple, the chances are you are driving an illegal car and do not know for sure if you are above board or clinging to a sinking ship.

If you think that this only applies to a few drivers, think again please, if you think it does not in any way affect you, think again please.

If you are driving a non Spanish car that has anything at all missing from the country of registration and have had the car here for more than 60 days or that you as the owner/driver are resident or on the Padron, please do something now about changing that status.  Import the car, return it to where ever or just stop using it till you can do something.  An example of not being legal…UK car …car here for 3 years, voluntary ITV and fully Comprehensive Spanish insurance, no UK road tax, or on a SORN and the owner/driver is resident or on the Padron for more than 60 days …this scenario is 100%  going to get the car taken off you on the road side or you will be given a notice to import or remove the car within 10 days, the Guardia are also calling round to owners homes to see what has happened since the notice was issued.

There are plenty of places you can approach for help, advice, price etc..please do it now, not next month or when the car is another year older…now is the time.

Sorry for any offense caused by this Blog but it needed to be said.

Helga the Horrible in a rather ticked off state of mind… careful with that axe Helga. 🙂