Have You Bought Frozen Mussels?? Warning of Recalled Stock

Reported recently by La Marina Plaza

39 people in Javea are ill after eating mussels in a hotel.

The Department of Health does not rule out new cases and, as a precautionary measure, it is recommended to those who may have this product in their freezers that they do not consume it.

The Spanish Agency for Consumer Affairs, Food Safety and Nutrition has reported a food poisoning associated mussels served in a hotel in Javea.

The product data, according to the Agency, are frozen cooked mussels of Galician origin of the Estrella Polar brand. The name of the product on the label is super shell half mussel and the batch is 010DOP-18. The preferred consumption date is 1/2020, and the manufacturing date is 01/19/18.

The product has been distributed in the Comunitat Valenciana and Navarra and is being withdrawn from the market.

The agency ensures that these facts have been reported to the competent authorities of the autonomous communities through the National Food Alert Network (Sciri). These facts were known this Wednesday, when the Spanish Agency of Consumption, Food Safety and Nutrition received a notification from the health authorities of the Valencian Community about a toxinfection, a disease caused by a contaminated food due to the toxins made by certain microorganisms.

According to the agency, in the epidemiological study conducted by the competent authorities, three stool samples were taken from affected people and the presence of a norovirus was detected. At the same time, samples of the suspect product, the cooked mussel, were taken from a box of the same batch and supplier, and the presence of norovirus GI and GII was also found.

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