Getting Ready for Brexit

Spanish Government Announcements

Both the Uk and Spanish Governments are releasing updates to help the British residents in Spain prepare for both a deal or no deal Brexit.

Here is the recent release on the Spanish website

“The United Kingdom has formed part of the European Union for more than 40 years.

That is why the goal of Spain and of the European Union is to ensure that its withdrawal takes place in an orderly fashion through the adoption of the Withdrawal Agreement, avoiding any impact of its withdrawal without an agreement.

Whether an agreement is reached or not, the withdrawal of the United Kingdom will result in a change of scenario. Getting ready for this new situation is a necessary exercise.

The question is to strive to address Brexit with the best tools at hand, something incumbent on all parties: the European Union institutions, the Member States, the United Kingdom and also on citizens and companies, informing them of the changes and adapting to them.”

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