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Get Your Kicks on Route 99!

Route 66, as most will know, is the historic 4,000 km highway that crosses the United States from Chicago to Los Angeles.  BUT…Spain has a higher number! – Route 99 is the road that brings you closer to the most uninhabited villages in the Valencian Community. 

It is a route that links twenty-four Valencian towns with less than a hundred inhabitants, from Famorca to Herbés. Route 99 runs in a style similar to that of the Camino de Santiago – in that you can “stamp in” at each of these municipalities, where different rewards are offered to visitors. 

As a family, by motorbike, cycle or on foot, Route 99 connects you with the “Inner Valencia”

It is a tourism promotion project intended to offer more visibility and visitors to the 24 smallest Valencian towns.

For more promotion of the route, the Valencian band Bajoqueta Rock composed a song, which is included in the promotional video. Take a look….

All the municipalities of Route 99

In Alicante

In the Comptat region:

  • Benillup
  • Benimassot
  • Famorca
  • Tollos

In Castello

In the Els Ports region:

  • Herbes,
  • Levers,
  • Vallibona
  • Villores

In the Baix Maestrat region:

  • Castle of Cabres

In the Alto Palancia region:

  • Higueras, Matet,
  • Pavias
  • Sacanet

In the Alto Mijares region:

  • Espadilla
  • Fuente la Reina
  • Fuentes de Ayódar
  • Torralba del Pinar
  • Torrechiva
  • Vallat
  • Villamalur
  • Villanueva de Viver

In Valencia

In the Rincón de Ademuz region:

  • Puebla de San Miguel

In the Vall d’Albaida region:

  • Sempere
  • Carricola


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