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Court orders the closure of cannabis association in Denia

Although registered cannabis smoking associations are legal in Spain, a court has ordered the closure of 2 properties, one in Denia and another in Benidorm – Cannadenia and Benican respectively.

It was proven that they both actually functioned as drug trafficking points, according the news source, “” and both were closed in a trial by conformity agreements . The defendants pleaded guilty to the crimes charged against them with agreed sentences that they would not have to go to prison.

Those responsible for Cannadenia had already been convicted of drug trafficking. The ruling considers it proven that despite that conviction, the entity continued with its activities and had appointed new managers. The ruling sentences a total of seven defendants in total, for crimes of drug trafficking and illicit association. Sentences of between one and two years in prison for the first crime; and two years for the second.

 The Police confiscated more than five kilos of drugs in a search carried out in the facilities on February 6th, 2020. The ruling imposes payment of a fine of 31,000 euros .  The sentences are firm and there is no appeal against them.

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