British father and son arrested.

Two British men, father and son, have had a total of 422 marijuana plants confiscated from a house in Javea.

Guardia Civil has arrested two residents of Javea, for being the alleged perpetrators of a crime against public health (cultivation of marijuana) and for a fraudulent use of electricity.

The operation began on August 17th, when the Guardia Civil learned of the possible existence of this marijuana plantation.

The Judicial Police Team took charge of the investigation, managing to identify the residents of the home in question.. a British man, aged 44 and his 19 year old son.

In the home search, carried out on Tuesday, August 25th, this indoor marijuana cultivation facility was found, with a high production capacity, advanced ventilation systems, air extraction and filters etc.

The agents siezed a total of 422 medium sized marijuana plants.

The two detainees have already attended Denia Court, thereafter being released with charges awaiting trial and with their passport withdrawn, to avoid leaving the country.