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by Loraine Gostling

My first thought as I sat down to try to amuse those who have reached my blog this week is one of feeling a tad sad at all the events of the 31st January. I thought that the dreaded Friday 31st would not affect me as much as it actually did.  And I was fine, really I was, until my newsfeed popped up with a photo of Brussels lighting up the main square in Union Jack colours to say farewell to the Brits.  I got all tearful, had to grab a tissue, followed closely by a large G&T or two, that somehow eased the pain a bit. Then it occurred to me that soon, other EU countries will follow suit and once France complete their Frexit, the Brits will want back in again anyway!


The following day, after the mourning period (and minor hangover) was over, I thought I best go check on my flock in Javea Connect to see their reactions. Important questions were being asked, such as “ will we still be able to get our duty free cigs?”  “can I take my cat back as his passport is Spanish?”

There were some funny comments spotted now and again, such as “I voted remain, not just for political reasons but because my mum’s moved to Spain and I want her to stay there.”. “Have we tried unplugging 2016 waiting ten seconds and plugging it back in?”. “Say goodbye to croissants people. Delicious croissants. We’re stuck with crumpets FOREVER.

I have to say though, that my favourite was “Why do we need any colour passport? We should just be able to shout, “British! Less of your nonsense!” and stroll straight through.”

Although, a certain UK newspaper ( not sure whether I can name it, so for safety’s sake I will name it the “Brexpress”), really did make a huge faux-pas by writing a story about Brits flying with their posh new blue passports this year, but their photo editor must have had one or two vinos too many at lunch, as the accompanying picture had been taken from a mock up by Monty Python’s Flyinf Circus many years ago ! But hey… you know what… I like hamsters…. and elderberry wine is pretty damn delicious… Fly with it UK.Gov….. M.P. is rather more palatable when it stands for good old Monty!

Just as a final thought here… if you make a faux pas twice… are they faux passes?

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