Art Exhibition ar DAR Community Centre

Guest article by the European Union of Women

Throughout history, talented women have remained hidden, generally unrecognised or at best quietly influential behind the scenes. As the European Union of Women Marina Alta we wanted to pull some of those women out into the open, to celebrate them.

What better way to do this than through the medium of art, through the brush or the palate knife in the hands of creative female artists of the Marina Alta? The light, the air, the beauty of this comarca attracts the best of artists, both local and of the international community here.

In this exhibition, twenty-one of these artists depict ‘Women who shaped the world’, we invite you, the interested observer, to appreciate the rendering by the artist of her chosen subject. We cordially invite you to both our exhibition and its accompanying events (debates, video presentations on traditional crafts and artwork, lectures and workshops) between mid-April and mid-May at the DAR centre. We celebrate both the artists and their chosen subjects with admiration and love and we hope that you will be inspired to celebrate in your own way the women who shaped your world.

Margaret Hales, President of the European Union of Women in the Marina Alta, and of the European Union of Women as a whole, with special thanks to Emma Lawton, coordinator of and driving force behind the EUWMA subcommittee on arts.

Please come along and have a look at this wonderful art on show between 19th April until 17th May!!