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Animals owners – There is such a thing as free medical help for those who cannot afford veterinary fees in certain instances.

The idea of ​​having ‘social security’ for animals comes from a long time ago, given that veterinary expenses are very high, and there are owners who cannot afford this care. 

Taking care of a  dog or cat  is sometime worrying as the costs and lack of help prevents people from taking this important step. However, the government has launched a  program to commit  to your pet’s health.

Data shows that, currently,  half of Spanish households have domestic animals,  most of which are dogs and cats. In recent years, this number has increased significantly and  10 million dogs and five million cats now live with us. Keeping a pet is obviously quite expensive – it is estimated that a dog has monthly expenses of  between 100 and 500 euros. This wide range is because, like people, they eat, they have to go to the beauty parlour and they also get sick.

After the approval of the new animal welfare law, pet owners have many benefits that they did not have before and that will make their daily lives easier.  Also, a few years ago a veterinary aid program was launched  that few people know about and from which you can benefit if you meet certain requirements.

So, who are #BestFriends?

In 2016, the  #Bestfriends program was initiated and promoted by the Foundation for Advice and Action in Defense of Animals (FAADA) with the aim of “making visible and  protecting the bond  established between people and animals in vulnerable positions in Spain”, according to the FAADA on its website. Throughout the years, it has undergone modifications and new aspects have been added. Now they is in charge of:

·         Offer free veterinary assistance to the animals for people who can prove a vulnerable position.

·         Advise and accompany municipal Social Services in the management of cases of people who own pets.

·         Offer tools and training to professionals who accompany those people with pets in vulnerable situations.

·         Technical/legal support and protocols.

The program aims  to cover all the veterinary actions required by each animal to guarantee its physical and emotional health . Among its main actions are vaccination, identification, sterilisation, deworming, justified euthanasia and cremation of pets.

Who can access the program?

The Ministry of Social Affairs makes it very clear: “The program offers support to a person or family assisted who is not forced to choose between their animal and an their livelihoods.

For more information and if you need help, please initially visit the FAADA website by clickng the button below.


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