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And.. in the meantime, many cannot afford to heat their homes right now!

A recent article in the Levante Newspaper, has listed the richest companies in Spain.

Mercadona has been ranked among the 30 most valuable Spanish brands, number nine, with a value of 2,193 million dollars (1,920 million euros).

But then come the others…..

Also In the ‘top-10’ are:-

  • Iberdrola, with a brand valuation of 8,232 million dollars (7,201 million euros)
  • Endesa , with 6,419 million dollars (5,167 million euros), 
  • Naturgy , 4,222 million dollars (3,692 million euros), 
  • Repsol , with 2,598 million dollars (2,275 million euros) 

In second position is Movistar, with a brand valuation of 16,595 million dollars (14,539 million euros), followed by Santander, which completes this prestigious podium, with a valuation of 8,426 million dollars (7,375 million euros).

BBVA also up there with 7,337 million dollars (6,423 million euros), 

Zara, the flagship of the Inditex Group, is positioned for the fourth consecutive year as the most valuable brand in Spain with a valuation of 23,355 million dollars (20,446 million euros) thanks to its commitment to ‘ecommerce’, but that will have to face challenges such as sustainability with ‘fast fashion’.

If you want to read the full report, click the button below ( it is in Spanish)

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