Amjasa year end report summary 2023

The Board of Directors of the municipal water company Amjasa, Xàbia’s municipal water company, held its final meeting of 2023 last Friday.

A report-summary of the annual activity, showed that a total of 5,950,000 metres of water were injected into the network and theRE HAS BEEN fulfilment of the different strategic objectives.

The report shows that the peak of consumption occurred on 4th August 2023 with 26,000 cubic metres. On that day, a further 15.78m3 of water was also transferred to the Teulada-Benitatxell Consortium, as part of the solidarity agreement with neighbouring municipalities.

With regard to the origin of the water injected into the network, 55% comes from the company’s own wells, and the remaining 45% comes from the seawater desalination plant, owned by the municipality.

All in all, the water situation in Jávea is under control with the desalination plant, which has a full capacity of 30,000 cubic metres per day, but in the region as a whole, the situation is in a pre-alert situation according to the drought indicators at the end of the year.

The municipal company has continued with its plan to renovate the network with more than 40 plans that have enabled the replacement of 13 linear kilometres of pipes. Work which has been carried out in conjunction with local companies, as well as the installation of 7 new photovoltaic stations and a wind power station have been installed with a total of 52kw of new energy.

In addition, 7,000 new remote meters have been renewed (bringing the total number of meters installed to 16,000) and the number of subscribers has exceeded 29,000.