After 2 Years, Scott Is Still Marching That Road To Recovery

Many of you may recall the awful accident  when a tragic collision occurred in Oliva in May 2017. The driver of a vehicle  ploughed headlong into Scott Gordon and his companions and thereafter the female in question tested positive for alcohol and drugs . In this awful accident, three cyclists died and two others were very seriously injured.

Since that time Scott has undergone many long and, we imagine, very painful surgical operations and finally,  in November last year, Scott was  referred to Dr. Cavadas from the Microsurgery and Reconstructive Surgery Unit of the Manises Hospital. Dr Cavadas is well known for undertaking some of the most successful operations in recent years. 

Very recently, Scott underwent a second operation under the same surgeon and at the moment he can walk without crutches, although one of his legs is about seven centimetres shorter than the other. The challenge for Dr. Cavadas now, is to make both legs revert to the normal and same size.

Still Smiling eh Scott?

Thus, he proposed two operations ‘knee arthroplasty and quadriceplasty’ and ‘bone distraction of the tibia’, whereby an intramedullary nail would be implanted through the centre of the tibia, externally fixed with screws. In this way, the tibia would grow, little by little, at a rate of 1 millimetre per day.

However, the doctors who operated this week discovered that there was contamination in the steel plate that was inserted to secure the femur. Given this fact, they decided to delay the second part of the operation so that the contamination did not spread and could be treated.

This plate, as Scott explained to Xabia al Dia, will have to be withdrawn but that will not be possible until he is strong enough.

Scott said that he is in good condition and remains motivated for this surgury in the hands of Dr. Cavadas, who, he says, has made him “see the light in this long tunnel”.

The challenge will be to complete the treatment, get back on his bike and get back to work after 2 very gruelling years.