Advertise with Javea Connect from just 125 euros per year

For almost 12 years, business adverts have been permitted on the Javea Connect group. However, with over 26,000 members, the group can no longer accept the amount of adverts that people wish to to share to to every day.

For 3 years, we have run a Business Hub Directory on our website and we now feel the time is right to consider all those legal companies and trades-people who have supported us since the website was launched and so, from February 2022, only those businesses have been permitted to post weekly on the group.

For anyone who is interested in promoting their business, both on the group and to the “other world” outside the Social Media platform. Here is what you would receive, from as little as 125.00 euros PER YEAR.

The rate card below has many options, but to be honest, the annual adverts work far better as it does have a URL that can be shared or embedded.

A Business Hub advert will appear for a year on the website, plus it will be circulated via our Customer page at Javea Business Connect.  You can submit the advert yourself, or I am happy to do it for you at no extra cost. I just need information and photos etc.

We also have the Information page here Javea Connect Information which serves as an extra platform. 

To see an example of a live advert… Click HERE 

The Business Hub front page is here…


1.        Advertise once per week on our group.

2.       Book and receive a banner on the top of the group.

3.       Let us know of any special offers you may be running and we will promote it via the Business Page

4.        Up to 1,000 FREE Business Cards – Supplied by SR print      

5.        List your events on the Events Calendar (where applicable)

6.       Change/update your advert whenever you wish.

7.       Get help with design and short video promotions should you need it.

8.        A  feature in our Newsletter the week the ad goes live.

Should you need any further information of help, please call or send us a Whatsapp message on 683178070, or email us at [email protected]