A hunter saves five young partridges that fell into a sewer

A hunter from Javea has rescued five young partridges that fell into a sewer in the Tossal Gros urbanisation.

The news was broken by a specializsed magazine , Jara and Sedal  Jose Mata explained to Xabia al Dia, that he was in his car with his daughter and was surprised to see a partridge that was not moving on the pavement beside them. He thought something was wrong as that was not normal behaviour, He said, “I heard a tweet, tweet.”  and when he got out of the car he could see that the chirping was coming from inside a sewer. There were five young partridges that had all fallen through one of the holes in the cover.

After picking up a box, he pulled them out of a potentially deadly trap and then released them into the nearby bush, hoping that the desperate mother would come back for them upon hearing the chirping of her young.

On the spot video via Xabia al Dia

Mata remarked that hunters “do have a heart since we are the first to take care of the mountains” and recalled that his grandfather and father who also practiced hunting always taught them the code that “we must save the weakest animals and young “.

Cover Photo: Jays Bird Barn.