60 years of Jalon Bodega

This famous winery was built at the beginning of the 1960’s, initially by gathering equipment such as presses, tanks and barrels from the partners themselves. The experience and art of all of them were combined, adding even the oldest of wines, Soleras, to their brand.

Over the years the winery adapted to new technologies and from those first wines and mistelas, where sales were made exclusively in bulk, they have moved on to bottling high-quality wines that visitors can sample at the bodega.

Bodegas Xalo has been awarded a multitude of awards that support their work based on respect for the product and the more than 400 partners that make up the cooperative.

They also have an online shop – you can order via this link https://tienda.bodegasxalo.com/gb/

Unfortunately right now there are no guided tours but you can can still visit and sample the superb wines during the following hours.