2,500 Evacuated Due To Devastating Fire in Llutxent Near Gandia

The ongoing  fire in Llutxent forced the evacuation of 2,500 people from three urbanisations and the shutting of two roads.  CV-608 from Llutxent to Pinet and the CV-675 from Gandia to Simat.

Photo from Las Provincias

With no less than 9 Fires reported via The Alicante Local Fire and Weatherwatch group yesterday ( 6th August), Including one in the Jalon Valley and one near the N332/AP7 Ondara, the fire in Llutxent is by far the most serious and reminds us of the catastrophic fire in Javea two years ago. 

The general director of the Agency for Security and Response to Emergencies, José María Ángel, said yesterday that the tension grew during the day by the emergency services, on a day when in just six hours up to eleven fires had been declared, the most of them forest fires, in different parts of the Region.

 Last night, two of them remained active in the municipalities of La Vall d’Albaida and Los Serranos, while the rest of the fires had been controlled or extinguished.

A total of 2,500 people were evicted around midnight, from the La Drova (Barx) urbanizations and those of Montepino and Montesol de Gandia, as confirmed by Emergency sources. It was a preventive measure for smoke conditions and especially for children and adults.

As reported to EFE the mayor of Gandia, Diana Morant , continued the order to evict these developments, which today has become mandatory and to that end the security forces have come to the area to inform the neighbors, not they will be able to return to their residences until new decisions are adopted, which will be updated at five o’clock this afternoon.

In the case of Llutxent, the flames have already burned 754 hectares , according to the last perimeter, and is still active , according to the Emergency Center of the Generalitat Valenciana.

This morning gradually incorporated more aerial fighters and at 8.30 am there was a total of 21.  In addition, the Military Emergency Unit (UME) has worked with 120 people and 40 vehicles.

Admin on Javea Connect kept in touch with the situation via the Firewatch group, an invaluable group for all nationalities living in the Valencia province and we urge people to join the group to keep abreast of all severe fire and weather situations. 

The latest news on this horrendous fire is:-

UPDATE ON ROAD CLOSURES at 1PM 7TH AUGUST: CV-675 cut from PK 6+300 up to Simat del la Valldinga, only vehicles exiting are allowed. CV-608 Llutxent to Pinet cut at PK 3+500.

Summary of the air media working today – 7 helicopters, 2 of coordination. 7 planes, 1 amphibious. 5 Helicopters from mapagob and 4 amphibious planes, and 1 of coordination.

Image of affected area which is estimated at 1400 hectares.




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Photos Taken from Local Fire and Weather Watch

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