18,000 Euros Fine Possible for Tourists Lighting Fireworks

  • Holiday makers who set off fireworks on July 31st, now risk a fine of up to 18,000 euros
  • The council warns that it will pursue such actions relentlessly and urges those who rent their homes to foreign tourists, especially those from other cooler climates, to warn them of the risk of fire.

In spite of all the warnings, the practice of launching rockets etc. in scorching heat and near forest land does not seem to stop.  Local Police have made public that this summer they have had to intervene again with cases of this irresponsible behaviour. Specifically on the night of July 31st, when tourists threw fireworks from a house in Montgó Natural Park.

The police were alerted by neighbours and managed to locate those responsible, tourists who spent their vacation in a small house on Calle La plana del Tío Adriano. They were still launching rockets when police arrived. The agents seized the remaining pyrotechnics and opened a file for an action sanctioned by the Generalitat and which may result in fines of up to 18,000 euros.

Given these facts, the City Council repeated that it is strictly forbidden to launch pyrotechnics near forest areas and insists on the need to raise awareness, above all for foreign tourists who are not aware of the risk of this practice in areas with our climate.

In particular, they call on companies or individuals who rent their homes to foreigners to warn their tenants of the restrictions to avoid fires. Practices such as launching fireworks or chinese lanterns, lighting fire or barbecues on windy or hot days, as well as throwing cigaretts butts near forest areas, are all offences.

Below is a poster designed by Alicante Local Fire and Weatherwatch Facebook group, that you should be able to save and print. Javea Connect has them in several languages. If you wish to receive one, please email us at [email protected]