10 Amazing “Bucket List” Restaurants Around the World.

Well one can only dream 🙂 On my wish list when my numbers come up, except the ones where I have to climb more than 10 metres above sea level!! 

Has anyone been to any of these restaurants, I would love to hear first hand experiences, especially as on most of the websites ( listed below) I could not find many prices without a lot of sleuthing.  

#10 Grotta Palazzese Restaurant, Apulia, Italy

A magical and enchanted place, a restaurant with a terrace created inside a natural cave. The Grotta Palazzese restaurant takes its name from the homonymous cave and from the place that was once also called “Grotta di Palazzo”. It is an exclusive and atmospheric place, used for parties and banquets since 1700, as painted this watercolor in 1783 by Jean Louis Desprez.

The blue of the sea and the sky contrasts with the mysterious atmospheres of the natural cavities. The colors of the day make the beauty of the coastal landscape shine, while those of the evening, at sunset, create unforgettable nuances, in the charm and elegance of the restaurant lights.

Eating here A’La Carte will cost you upwards of 130.00 euros for 2 courses. 

#9 The Dining Pods, Koh Kood, Thailand

The free spirited nature of childhood was the inspiration for the Treepod. That desire to climb high up into a leafy canopy and find shelter amidst a simple wooden construction where imagination soared and dreams were born.

The unique Treepod Dining experience invites you to take fine dining to new heights. Comfortably seated in a bamboo pod, we gently hoist you high up into the tropical foliage of Koh Kood’s ancient rainforest. Gaze out across the boulder-covered shoreline dancing with gentle waves, as you savour gourmet delights and your chosen wines, delivered via the zip-line acrobatics of your personal waiter.

Link to website

#8 The Rock, Zanzibar, Africa

A world-famous restaurant, known not only for its extraordinary location, but also its fabulous food inspired by the natural resources, a twist of Zanzibar, and Italian love.
The south-east coastline of Zanzibar is recognized as amongst the most beautiful in all the world. Here you’ll find 3 gems: The Rock restaurant and close by our Kichanga Lodge and Dongwe Ocean View hotel.

It takes just one look to understand that no pencil nor brush could draw such beauty – only Mother Nature could reach such heights and present one of the world’s most unique and beautiful locations for a restaurant.
The challenge to create and present a menu, delivered with superb, relaxed and unobtrusive service to compliment the location, drives us. Add in our years of local and international hospitality experience, our love for cooking and it’s no wonder we’ve become sought after.
One of Zanzibar’s top attractions, our team combines local spices, flavors and foods from the sea and / or land, to present sometime familiar dishes with a twist, a new preparation, a local taste.Depending on the tide, you’ll have either a 360-degree ocean view, or half ocean and half white sand beach with swaying palms. Wade out, boat out, walk out – we’re waiting.

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#7 Ithaa Undersea Restaurant Maldives

Rated “the most beautiful restaurant in the world” by the New York Daily News in 2014, Ithaa sits five metres below the surface, offering 180-degree panoramic views of the vibrant coral gardens surrounding it. Ithaa (meaning ‘mother of pearl’ in the Maldivian language of Dhivehi) serves contemporary European cuisine in a six-course set dinner menu. Expect indulgences such as caviar for dinner while the four-course lunch menu offers lighter fare. Also open for mid-morning cocktails and can be booked privately for breakfast, weddings or other special occasions.

Children are welcome at lunch but not dinner.!

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#6 The Airplane Restaurant, Colorado, USA

The Airplane Restaurant centerpiece is a fully intact Boeing KC-97 tanker. Built in 1953, this magnificent airplane refueled aircraft throughout the world. Then, in May 2002, it began its second mission~ to be the preeminent aviation restaurant in the United States. Forty-two passengers can actually eat in the plane of the 275-seat restaurant. Rich in aviation history, displaying 100’s of pictures, memorabilia and rare artifacts, Solo’s offers much more than great food, it offers a flight through aviation history.

Link to (a little bit of a tatty website)  downloading menu did not work!

#5 The Crysalis Tree House, New Zealand

The Yellow Treehouse Restaurant by New Zealand based Pacific Environments Architects Ltd. (PEL) is a stunning architectural feat perched high above a redwood forest. Appearing for all the world like an enormous chrysalis grafted onto a 40-meter-high redwood tree, the project is constructed of plantation poplar slats, redwood balustrade milled at the site, and it makes extensive use of natural lighting. 

Venue hire of the Redwoods Treehouse is $3,000.00 plus tax. Food, drinks and related expenses are additional.

Please note that the Redwoods Treehouse isn’t open for casual restaurant dining.

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#4 The Four Seasons. Mumbai, India

Experience the best of Mumbai from your base at this sleek icon of Indian hospitality, enjoy spacious accommodations – many with views of the Arabian Sea – and bask in unrivaled service that anticipates your every business and leisure need.

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#3 The Dinner In The Sky, Belgium

This is a surrealist story of the kind Belgium loves so much. 12 years ago, The Fungroup, a company specialised in amusement park installations deploying cranes and Hakuna Matata, a communications agency specialised in gourmet pleasures joined forces and made a child’s dream come true: a flying dinner table baptised the Dinner in the Sky (www.dinnerinthesky.com) which served as the venue for 22 Young European Restaurant Owners to don their white chef’s hat.

12 years later, Dinner in the Sky has criss-crossed the skies of more than 40 countries… In Europe, to be sure, but also in Australia, India, Dubai, South Africa, Brazil, the United States, Canada, Japan, Colombia and Mexico.

Over the course of the past five years, we have arranged some incredible dinners. We can cite, for example, the dinner organised in the skies over Monaco for Prince Albert with France’s most highly ‘starred’ chef,’ Joel Robuchon, in command. But there were also more than 1,000 events in cities ranging from Paris to Las Vegas, as well as Sydney, Cape Town, London and Sao Paulo. All these events were unique, one of a kind.

There is a new big event in June 2018…. Details here

#2 The Sirocco, Bangkok, Thailand

An evening at Sirocco has been considered a fine dining experience ever since the world’s highest alfresco restaurant first opened its doors – a distinction that was confirmed when the restaurant received a Perfect 10 from Thailand Tatler for all four categories of Food, Wine, Ambience and Service.

The sense of ‘having arrived’ at the iconic Bangkok rooftop restaurant begins with the ascent to the 63rd floor and the walk down the artistically lit staircase, with the city view in Bangkok below and the soothing strains of the jazz band resonating through the warm breeze.

To your right, perched on a precipice overlooking the city, the celebrated vertigo-inducing Sky Bar considered the top bar in Bangkok. Just ahead, authentic Mediterranean cuisine, beautifully created with the freshest ingredients from the world’s finest markets by Chef de Cuisine Sebastien Pinson, who brings to Sirocco, the highest al fresco restaurant, decades of gastronomic experience at the starred restaurants and hotels of Europe and Asia, along with a pantry brimming with exclusive ingredients, many of which had never before been seen in Bangkok.

#1 The LumiLinna Snowcastle, Kemi, Finland

Pure white snow walls surround the gigantic SnowCastle built entirely out of snow and ice, both made of seawater. This amazing artwork of ice and snow can be found right by the frozen sea near Kemi city centre! The castle is open from the end of January until mid-April. The world’s largest SnowRestaurant seats around 200 guests. The SnowChapel with a mystical atmosphere is a memorable venue for wedding ceremonies. The SnowHotel with unique, beautifully decorated snow rooms offers a true arctic adventure.


The enormous SnowCastle is a highly unique venue for visitors offering also various winter activities.

The first ever SnowCastle was built in the city of Kemi in 1996 as a present to all the children in the world. In order to make the incredible winter experiences available throughout the year in Kemi, we have started the construction work for the all-year-round Snowcastle, which will be ready at the end of 2018.