The political groups that make up Javea’s new municipal government have published the current administrative and economic situation


“Upon taking over the government, we found that the coffers are at a minimum, with a budget of 2022 extended, whose budget items for 2023 are exhausted and the 2022 budget is not yet settled. This has the effect that the cash surplus is blocked, that is, the council is prevented from having a surplus of more than 50 million to manage the administration and meet the daily needs of the town.”

“Since it is inexcusable for the administration not to comply on time with the municipal suppliers, a tough decision has been taken to adjust municipal contracting to meet the existing budget.”

“This municipal government is committed to carry out a real government programme that meets the needs of local people and, of course, to finish what was committed by the previous municipal government in order not to leave the negotiations half done. Therefore, the programme of activities planned by the previous government, which were only announced and lacked the corresponding administrative procedure and budgetary appropriation, is now cancelled or postponed.”

“It is our duty and responsibility to ensure the operation of municipal services and until this economic and fiscal situation is repaired, only those activities that meet the formalities to be carried out, will be carried out.”

“Under these circumstances, difficult but correct decisions will be taken. Being that the liquidation of the 2022 budget has been delayed since March, this may affect the future liquidation of the 2023 budget, and at the same time, the current economic situation may be extended for the next year. We will put all our efforts to comply to the maximum to the commitment.”

“The three parties of the government have now set to work to remedy this problem as soon as possible.”


The PSOE responded shortly after. Please click HERE to read the article.