Now and again very strange things happen!

The Body in the Bisque is a strange story which came about because of exactly one of these strange occurances in life.

On the 13th March 2020, the Bananadrama cast and crew had to cancel a show on it’s opening night. Adrian was a show that had taken many hours of blood, sweat, laughter and tears to actually get to the opening night, but it was clearly not meant to be… yet!

This was because Friday 13th March was the day that Lockdown started and this changed the lives of pretty much everyone on the planet.

A few weeks passed and we were all confined to home and becoming very bored and so a few of the Bananadrama team discussed an idea to try to write a play which could, perhaps, be broadcast on the radio, as clearly, theatre was out of the question for some considerable time to come.

So, armed with our phones, we met once or twice a week on video-calls, which in itself was a pantomime sometimes, when connections dropped etc. but like the troopers we are, we battled in the face of adversity, namely Movistar and it’s offshoots… and finally, after several months of online calls, socially distanced meetings, rehearsals and recording, the “final cut” is now ready to roll.

Long long ago, in the days when phones had dials and were stuck firmly on walls or tables, you would gather around the “wireless” and listen to a play broadcast by the dear old BBC. Now in 2020, we are re-igniting those halcyon days and hope we can bring some 1950s charm back with our black comedy drama, set around one hundred years ago, when the world was so very very different, but still rather “interesting”….

The play will air on Bay Radio on Thursday 26th October at 7pm and you are cordially invited to join us for an hour of mystery, murder and some lobster soup!!