“The Beauty of the Beast” and How Goats Are Becoming Spain’s New Firefighters!

Last year much of Europe was scorched in summer by numerous forest fires. In Spain goats and sheep are helping to fight the blazes, one nibble at a time.

Dubbed the ‘Goat Fire Brigades’, the herd are part of a pilot programme in Girona, northern Spain. They are shepherded/goatherded by the Pau Costa Foundation.

Tapping into an old agricultural practice, the flocks are sent out to graze in strategic areas of the forest identified as being at risk from fires.

The local breeds, particularly suited to the terrain, make short work of munching through overgrown trees and scrubland vegetation.

This not only deprives fires of fuel, but also creates cleared areas for fire crews to easily reach the forest.

It’s simple, cheap and effective and also gives the shepherds a unique selling point for their products.

Maybe our local towns should think about this idea. Personally, I would love to see these roaming around as “Goatbomberos! 

Cover photo, which I have named “The Beauty of the Beast” courtesy of Peggy Grant. Javea Connect group on 16th July 2018

Original story Reuters