Father’s Day in Spain always falls on the 19th March and is a National Holiday ( Red day as some like to say). It is celebrated on the same day as the San José Ephemeris. This day is intended to commemorate the life of Joseph, husband of Mary, father of Jesus, and that is why it has always been linked with Father’s Day in Spain. 

The best way to start the “Daddy” party is by going along to see him and telling him ‘I love you, Dad’. There is, in my opinion, no better gift for him. That gesture, along with a big hug and you will make him happy for the rest of the day.


Well, there are many customs. The most tender one is through the children going to their parents’ bed to congratulate him on the day and give him a gift. Many even bring breakfast in bed for both parents.

Short Video Tribute to Dads Everywhere

The children, often give gifts to their parents which they have made in school. They are usually handmade crafts and cards.

Another tradition of the day is to go to lunch with the whole family, both parents and grandparents, uncles and children. The idea is to choose a good restaurant with an area where the children can have fun and play together. It is such a shame that this tradition has just not been possible for the last 2 years. :/