Caught on the job!

Police raid a brothel and find seven colleagues inside.

A strange event has taken place in Torre Arriba, Valencia.

A police group mounted a raid on a brothel that was allegedly breaking various laws. To their surprise they found 7 of their colleagues inside!

The operation had been in planning stage for months “there were indications that the premises were not complying with different regulations, both labour and legislative, so we decided to mount a raid to catch them red handed, what we did not expect was to come face to face with several of our colleagues!, What a catch!. ” 

Unfortunately for them, a cameraman from Ana Rosa’s programme accompanied them filming the entire operation for a special report related to the subject.

The agents they found inside the premises did not believe their eyes and after several minutes of madness they decided to make an official statement explaining the facts… “it is true that we are here without uniform and that each officer was in a different place, but everything was part of a covert operation to gather information and help with the operation, we have been caught working….. incognito but working”

It remains to bee seen if their explanation convinces others, especially the family of the “captured”, but luckily the operation concluded successfully even after this obvious, to say the least…. embarrassment!