Police and Town Denies That There Has Been An Attempted Child Kidnapping in Pedreguer

  • Pedreguer council sends a message of “tranquility to the population” and police sources urge extreme caution in the face of possible hoaxes in social networks.

With rumours that run like wildfire through social networks you have to be careful. Both the City of Pedreguer and the National Police yesterday launched a message of calm to the town’s population and the region after the news appeared in applications, networks and even in some media claiming that there would have been a double attempt of kidnapping a minor, both in that town and in Ràfol d’Almúnia.

In this regard, the Pedreguer Local Police indicated that they have been informed at all times of both the published news and the source of information, but that at the moment “the reality of this information has not been verified, although work is being done to clarify the facts”.

In addition, the City of Pedreguer “wants to reassure the public about these facts in particular.” They also ask the people of Pedreguer that “if  they should have more information, they should inform both the Local Police and the Civil Guard.”

On the other hand, police sources confirmed to the media that there has not been any firm denunciation and advised to “be  prudent” with the spread of hoaxes through social networks or mobile applications.