Please take care with disposal of hot embers

Javea police ask the public to take extreme care when throwing out the embers of fireplaces or barbecues.

The police say that in recent days there have been several emergencies – two of them on Christmas Day – as a result of poor management of the ashes when they were still burning.

In both cases, they affected private property (garden plots), but it is also common for this dangerously latent waste to be the cause of container fires.

Police HQ warn that these days there are also active warnings for hight winds, so you have to be especially careful and avoid any situation that involves danger of forest fire, plots or a green spot, with the consequent danger to homes or vehicles parked in nearby areas.

People are asked to check that the embers and ashes are completely extinguished and cold before throwing them into a container or in areas where they may ignite hedges or hedgerows. In this sense, it is recommended to leave them for at least one day in a designated area on your ppropertyor, if available, in a metal container.