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Odes To Lockdown.. A little cheer in a crappy year!

by Loraine Gostling

Hello people 🙂 As a few people may know, during the last “Annus Horriblis” I amused myself by writing my Odes To Lockdown, which were shared mainly on Facebook.

A few people asked me if I could get them compiled into a little book and so, with the help of some lovely sponsors and friends, I did just that. 🙂

I am really hoping that people will buy it, not just as a light hearted memento of what has probably been the worst year of our lives, but also to make a little money for one of my favourite places in the world, Apac Rescue Horses.

There are a few ways to nab a copy:-

1. Debbie Clarke has them at Cafe Cortado’s in Javea Port.

2. The lovely Kirsty Bowden at Letters R Us, Moraira also has a small stock and has kindly offered to post them to order to people in Spain and the UK.

3. I think that Nicola Franklin may still have a few at Heaven Boutique, Javea. 🙂

4. Polly’s Bookshops stocks them

Please send me a PM or Whatsapp to 683178070 to order by post.

Lastly, I would like to thank all the lovely sponsors who had enough faith in the book to help us with printing costs etc. These being…Julie at Alta VillasHeidi at PC Highway JaveaNicola at Heaven Boutique, JaveaMy mate and co-admin on JC Gwenda RobinsonJoanna at MiMis Kru Hair Beauty & RetailAmy and Karl DaleJeremy KentonPure Organic CBDAnd, of course, the lovely family at SR Print & Signs, Katie and who did a wonderful job putting my mish-mash of odes together.The book (40 pages) is priced at €5.00 and comes with a free bookmark .

Happy reading and I hope that 2021 will have a different topic in waiting for me!!!xxx

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