ODE TO CHRISTMAS 2020 – The Year the Yuletide Grinch was upstaged!

I duly wrote to Santa so that me he would remember
But this year it is different so I sent it in November.
I told him that I don’t want gifts all stacked around my tree
I want him to wrap up my kids and drop them off to me.
He wrote back saying he would try as this year is real tough
But he set the elves a task to make a sack that’s big enough!
The reindeer, they are ready for their annual Christmas flight
Even shitty 2020 won’t stop Santa’s flight that night.
Dasher is in charge of changing Santa’s mask each time
As going down those chimneys means he’ll pick up yukky grime
Cupid has made handwash that he calls his “Santa-tizer”
By next year North Pole Labs will be more famous than big Pfizer!
Comet the mechanic has been servicing the sleigh
With luck it will be ready for the ITV today.
Stocks of magic reindeer food had already been sent
At least that wasn’t sitting on the Dover road in Kent!
Santa Claus assures me that he takes a test each day
And North Pole Health Authority says that he is clear to play
So barring chimney lockdowns or ban on magic, bearded men
That smiling, chubby red-cheeked guy will visit you again.
Centuries of wars and strife have not stopped Santa’s sleigh
And he says there’s not a chance of Covid getting in his way
So breaking news from North Pole Times reads “Santa Will be Leaving”
Your gifts are safe if you leave cake – and carry on believing!
Ode by Loraine Gostling. December 2020