New scam alert – emails seemingly from Correos

The National Institute of Cybersecurity (Incibe) has launched an alert for a case of massive fraud  that is taking place over the internet and in which the identity of the Post Office is being impersonated .

INCIBE explain that a campaign has been detected to send fraudulent emails that simulate having “Correos y Telégrafos” as the sender, with the purpose of spreading malware, that is, malicious software that seeks to infiltrate a device without the knowledge of the user or owner. Through this spyware, criminals try to obtain the victim’s bank details and personal information.

This alert, rated 4 out of 5 (high level), focuses on emails with the subject: “Order Returned – [id (random numbers)]”.

This message informs that an attempt has been made to deliver an alleged package but that it has not been possible to do so, and therefore, the user is invited to reschedule the shipment within 3 days to a new address, upon payment of an amount of money that varies between 2.99 and 3.40 euros.

The emails contain a link that pretends to be from Correos customer services , and once the user has clicked on the link, they are redirected to a malicious web page where the malware will be downloaded.