Montgo Robber Apprehended

The Civil Guard of Xàbia has successfully solved fourteen cases of robbery which took place recently in the Montgó area, detaining a 25-year-old Moroccan-born Spaniard accused of having stolen more than 7,000 euros in jewelry and 12,000 euros in cash.

On one occasion, the house owners returned before the expected time and surprised this man whilst he was leaving the house. The owner of the house had a brief struggle with the thief, although the latter managed to escape by jumping through the garden fence.

In his rush to get away, he dropped a mobile phone that he had just stolen, and a purchase receipt. In addition, he was seen limping while fleeing the crime scene.

Whilst undertaking the investigation, La Guardia verified that the receipt did not correspond with the house owners and it appeared that the robber had got caught on a sharp metal tip of the fence  which had caused the injury that accounted for the limping retreat.

The Civil Guard, knowing in advance that he would try to seek medical help away from the local area, expanded the search radius to over 50 kilometers around Javea.

The agents were right, and soon they found a man who had attended different medical centres for treatment. The other evidence, the purchase receipt, also placed the suspect in the immediate vicinity of the scene.

With investigations concluded, the Civil Guard detained, in Morocco, a 25 year old Spanish man, of Moroccan origin, as the presumed perpetrator of 14 robberies in the area and after duly being tried and judged, he has now been committed to prision.

Report via La Marina Plaza