“Money brings happiness.. if you share it”

Founder and owner of the Mercadona supermarket chain Juan Roig, sees the company make record sales in the year ending 2020.

He has, therefore, decided to donate 100 million euros from his personal share of his “wages” to social aid projects in Spain. Last year he donated 70 million…

Cover Photo: Sweet Press

He stated “Money brings happiness if you share it”….His employees will also recieve a grest boost to their wages via his profit sharing pay system.

In this regard, through the Legacy Project , Juan Roig and his wife, Hortensia Herrero, “share and reinvest in society an important part of the dividends derived from their part in Mercadona and from their personal assets.” Specifically, this year the couple will contribute one hundred million euros out of their own pockets to entrepreneurship, training, sports, entertainment, art and culture projects.