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Largest Synthetic Drugs Factory in Spain Uncovered.

by Loraine Gostling

Reported by Jalon Valley News on 18th May……..

The Guardia Civil has dismantled the largest synthetic drugs factory in Spain – and its local!

The investigation began last year on a criminal organisation based in the area, which was dedicated to the distribution of large quantities of narcotic substances throughout Spain, mainly heroin. After numerous police efforts, both nationally and internationally against the organisation, it was found that one of the members of the gang had established contact with another separate gang who would be responsible for the supply of crystal meth – a synthetic drug – in order to expand their catalogue of products for their users.
The Guardia began an investigation around the other organisation, who found they were operating from Lliber, Teulada and Benissa.
The development and progress of the investigation, together with surveillance work on the supposed members of the gang allowed them to locate the laboratory where different synthetic drugs were being made. It was found in a garage, which had the appearance of a farm machinery storage barn. It was located a few metres from the home of one of the main members of the group, in a plot of land far enough away from other homes so as not to be detected. 
During the operation, 432 kilogrammes of MDMA, 337 amphetamines, 527 Piperonyl Methyl Ketone (the main ingredient of MDMA), 1,742 kilogrammes of other ingredients and 5,212 kilogrammes of different substances for the production of crystal meth, all valued at more than €100,000,000, were seized.

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