Thursday, May 23, 2024

Happy Mothers Day

Mother’s Day in Spain, known as Día de la Madre in Spanish, is celebrated on the first Sunday of May.

In the past, it took place on December 8 every year until it was moved to the spring in 1965. This was done partly to disassociate the secular mother’s celebrations from the Catholic holiday of the Immaculate Conception.

What Gifts Are Common on Día de la Madre in Spain?

The usual gifts of flowers or sweets are common in Spain, and some families exchange cards as well.

However, Spain does not have the same card-giving culture that’s popular in the UK.

Should I Say “Te Quiero” or “Te Amo” to My Mum on Mother’s Day?

Both of these phrases translate as “I love you,” but they are used in different ways.

When expressing your love for your mum, you should always say “te quiero” and not “te amo.”  “Te quiero,” which translates literally as “I want you,” can come across as sexual to foreign ears. It can in fact be used that way in certain contexts, but it is not understood like this when talking to your mum and other family members. However, “te amo” is always used in a romantic sense and so is not appropriate when addressing your madre.

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