La Marina Ondara opens on Monday 1st June

The Portal de la Marina Shopping Centre opens its doors on June 1st.

As stated in Order SND / 414/2020 published on May 16, shopping centres could resume their full activity at the beginning of phase 2 of the de-escalation, applying the corresponding sanitary and hygienic measures.

Portal de la Marina has been working in recent weeks on the adaptation of its facilities to ensure the well-being and safety of customers, workers and suppliers. To this end, strict measures have been taken and action protocols have been verified by the SGS company, which is in charge of certifying the highest security requirement for customers.

Measures activated

  • Access control and gauging: Customers may access the interior of the shopping centre through the external pedestrian access and only one of the entrances to the underground parking (green parking area). 
  • The other underground pedestrian access will be temporarily closed.
  • Surveillance of the maintenance of interpersonal security distances: the entire shopping centre will be signposted so that visitors maintain a distance of 2 meters between them. In addition, personnel have been put in place to control and ensure that visitors comply with the measure.
  • Disabling of common areas such as rest areas, terrace and children’s area to avoid the accumulation of people in the same space.
  • Reduction of some underground parking spaces, thus favouring the maintenance of the distance between vehicles.
  • Reinforcement of cleaning and disinfection tasks , paying special attention to toilets, escalator handrails, elevators and the baby feeding room. In addition, special disinfection processes have been followed by nebulization. It has installed sanitising totems with dispensing of protection and dospensers for employees and visitors at each of the entrance doors.

Customers will find information with all these measures and action protocols throughout the shopping centre. 

 In addition, all this information can be found on the website at:-