April leaves us with July temperatures.

Aemet has announced that the month of April will be heading out this weekend with tempertatures more ​​typical of summer with some areas said to reach 38 degrees!

 Weather experts say that as of Friday 28th April in the Valencian Community it could reach 37º in some points, which are  significantly high temperatures for the time of year. In the interior of the province of Alicante, temperatures are expected to exceed 32º in municipalities such as Cocentaina, Alcoy, Elda or Villena .

 On the Alicante coast, the thermal values ​​will also rise a couple of degrees, reaching 26º in Alicante and 23º in Torrevieja, Santa Pola, Benidorm and Calpe.

Aemet has explained on Twitter, that despite the fact that the values ​​reached in the coastal area of ​​the Valencian Community are not as high as in the interior, we are facing “average temperatures more typical of early July”.

Forecast for Javea.