Futuristic Plans for Panoramic Window Seats For All

Tired of fighting for the window seat every time you travel back home from Alicante?

How would you feel about this outlook when you a few thousand feet in the air?

Well, a British Technology research firm called The Centre for Process Innovation says they are creating the key to future airplane travel: windowless planes.

Work is being undertaken now to remove the window seat that everyone ( apart from me it seems!)  fights to sit by during any long flight. Instead,  the “CPI” would like to deck planes out in OLED-touch-screens that would extend the entire length of the plane. Giving everyone a virtual window seat, including those trapped in the view-less isles.

Check out this futuristic idea, you never know this could be the way of travel in the next 10 to 15 years!

The OLED screens will be attached to cameras all over the outside of the plane, and as a result will display to travelers the outside view via technology. Tired of looking at the bright blue sky? These screens can be turned to tune into entertainment programs and stewardess services as well. Read more here

Video source: The Telegraph

Source: The Powerful Mind