Complaints Roll In About ITV Centre Ondara

A report in La Marina Plaza tells us …

It is a waste of time booking an appointment at the ITV Centre in Ondara. The only fixed station of Technical Inspection of Vehicles (ITV) that exists in the entire Marina Alta is a shambles, and the cars are queued, in single file, waiting for their tests, despite having pre- arranged appointments

August was really awul. Hot, exasperated people were stuck in their vehicles waiting in line for more than an hour after their appointed times. A month later, in September, the situation has changed little. This is borne out  by the image of Wednesday afternoon, that a reader has sent to La Marina Plaza newspaper. 

The appointment system is not enough. The facilities have been declared too small for a region whose population is around 170,000 inhabitants ( according to the latest census).

The mobile unit returns to Javea on the 8th October, but you need to book quickly! ( The website date also appears to be wrong as it states 8/10/17 but I am assured that it should be 2018.) Here is the link

Image sent by a reader last Wednesday afternoon.

“I was one hour and ten minutes in the queue. I arrived at 5:15 p.m. and left at 6:35 p.m. after waiting and testing.”