Chaos for Valencian drivers at UK borders.

About 800 truckers from the Valencia Region remain held up in queues of vehicles trying to enter the UK . This has been confirmed by sources from the Valencian Federation of Transport and Logistics Entrepreneurs (FVET). They blame this on two points, 1. the recent closure of European borders due to the new strain of the coronavirus and 2… the fact that orders for merchandise by British companies have skyrocketed due to the threat of tariffs or the fear of shortages from the start of next year because of Brexit .

According to Federation sources, there are about 400 vehicles at the border crossings between France and the United Kingdom, but this number may be much higher because they have not added vehicles from other non-associated companies. According to the FVET, the affected trucks carry industrial and textile materials and perishable merchandise, such as citrus fruits , which has also caused concern to the Valencian agricultural sectors. In this case, although the vehicles are refrigerated, the fruit is at risk of being lost .

Now the closing of the Eurotunnel has been added to the problem. Although the Eurotunnel border area is “reasonably” equipped, it is not designed to take on “this overwhelming and unworthy situation”.  It is said that the recent increase in orders from British companies derives from the stockpiling of European products due to fear of impending tariffs and doubts about supply.

Photo Las provincias